Wildlife Coordination and Education Services, District of Squamish

The District is accepting proposals for the provision of the following Wildlife Coordination and Education Services:

  1. Prepare and maintain a bear hazard assessment of the community and surrounding areas.
  2. Prepare and maintain a human-bear conflict management plan which is designed to address conflicts identified in Deliverable 1 above.
  3. Revise planning and decision making documents to be consistent with bear-human conflict management plan.
  4. Implement a continuing education program directed at all sectors of the community which is consistent with the Bear Smart standard.
  5. Assist with the development and maintenance of a bear proof waste management system.
  6. Assist with the development and implementation of “Bear Smart” / Wildlife Attractant bylaws.
  7. Develop and prepare an annual report to council.
  8. Facilitate and chair wildlife working group meetings with stakeholders monthly from April 1 to October 31.
  9. Prepare a coordinated action plan twice a year with the District’s bylaw enforcement team.
  10. Provide other services in connection with the above as requested.
  11. Work closely with Bylaw Enforcement, Animal Control, Squamish Nation, Conservation Officer’s Service FLNRO and the RCMP. Assist DOS with ensuring Bear Smart community status is maintained.
  12. Work with DOS Communications Department to develop wildlife conflict prevention messaging and to highlight known conflict hot-spots as they are discovered.

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