I have three Ph.D. positions starting in September 2021 (preferably), or January 2022 (if necessary). The three positions are as follows:

  1. Epigenetic effects of non-lethal entanglements in North Atlantic right whales. Assessing how methylation patterns change throughout the genomes in response to non-lethal entanglements, and how long such changes persist;
  2. Using ddRADSeq data to quantify the impact of inbreeding on health, survival, and recovery potential of North Atlantic right whales;
  3. Using genomic data to infer historic demography and estimate genetic load in North Atlantic right whales vs southern right whales.

I am located at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is a wonderful place to work and live. The right whale community is wonderful as well, and includes the New England Aquarium,  the Canadian Whale Institute, and the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium.

Please contact me ( if you are interested, and include:
1. Which project you are interested in;
2. Why you are interested in it;
3. Why your background makes you appropriate to work on it; and
4. Your CV

Preference will go to applicants who already have M.Sc. degrees.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Tim Frasier
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