Postdoctoral positions in applied and evolutionary genomics at York University, Toronto, Canada

The honey bee lab ( at York University’s Dept. of Biology (Toronto, Canada) has several positions available starting Fall of 2022. Projects include:

1) Molecular palynology: To better understand the role of nutrition in bee health, our group is looking for a postdoctoral fellow with experience in DNA barcoding and meta-barcoding to identify the source and diversity of pollen collected by honey bee colonies situated near and far from a large number of crops in Canada (

2) Comparative population genomics of eusocial insects: We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow to study the relationship between genome evolution and social evolution using population genomic datasets on a large number of insects that vary in their social organization.

3) Genome wide association studies and marker-assisted selection in honey bees: We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow with experience in genome wide association studies to chart the honey bee genotype-phenotype map and apply this knowledge in honey bee breeding.

Duration: 2 years

Salary: $55,000 per year, including benefits

Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter outlining their expertise, a CV, reprints of relevant papers, and contact information for 3 referees to We will evaluate the applications as they are received.

In addition to the honey bee lab, York University is home to the Center for Bee Ecology, Evolution and Conservation (BEEc, Successful candidates will have a chance to interact with the diverse faculty, fellows and students at BEEc, and participate in BEEc activities and training initiatives.