Opportunity: post-doctoral appointments (3 years, 2 years) on ecosystem and biodiversity modeling

We currently have two openings at the post-doctoral level, to work on the coupling between biodiversity and ecosystem models in order to develop a flexible, modular simulation toolkit to assist stakeholder-engaged design of biodiversity monitoring networks. The work of these post-doctoral scientists will aim at coupling models of biodiversity status and ecosystem trends, by developing a biomonitoring optimization program that can recommend locations to monitor ecosystem status, within a biological region of interest, that are optimal now and under climate change scenarios, in order to capture relevant changes in biodiversity.

By working closely with the GEO BON secretariat, as well as the nascent Québec-BON, will support the development of a methodology to provide information on the optimal Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBV) and Ecosystem Function Indicators (EFI) to monitor in order to make sound policy recommendations.

Ultimately, this project will result in an assessment of the feasibility of multi-purpose spatial networks of locations that can inform on statuses and trends for biodiversity, with extensions to zoonotic diseases, showing how the methodology of ecosystem sciences translates to ecosystem conservation and global health.

See https://poisotlab.io/opportunities/ for more information.