Graduate student positions – integrative ecology of white-footed mice

Graduate-level applications are being accepted for the Functional Ecology lab at the University of Ottawa, Ontario. We are seeking graduate students interested to work at the interface of eco-physiology, animal behaviour, and quantitative genetics. In addition to being involved in cutting-edge research, students will learn techniques in field ecology, animal capture and manipulation, metabolic and behavioural sampling, multivariate statistics, and scientific communication. The project is part of a study on white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus) conducted at the Queen’s University Biological Station. We use nest boxes and traps to quantify relatedness, reproductive success, and survival in hundreds of individuals. Each mouse is temporarily brought back to a laboratory where we measure a variety of metabolic, behavioural, and performance traits. The project will exploit data collected since summer 2016 which, in addition to those collected by the students during the summers of 2021 and 2022, will be used to study the causes and consequences of individual variation in survival (modeling of trapping data), home range (telemetry tracking), agility (performance tests), anti-predator behavior (personality tests), and cost of locomotion (respirometry). The exact topic will be suited to match the level (MSc or PhD), interests, and skills of the student. Interested students should visit the Functional Ecology lab webpage (see the “join the lab” page) for more information why and how to apply (