Graduate student opportunities in Ecosystem Ecology and Conservation Biology at Memorial University 

The Ecosystem Ecology Lab at Memorial University of Newfoundland is recruiting graduate (MSc and/or PhD) students to study the impacts of animals on ecosystem functioning at local and regional extents with implications for natural resource management and conservation. Specifically, we are looking for students that are interested in one or more of the following key research themes: spatial ecosystem ecology, food web ecology, zoogeochemistry, animal ecology, biogeography, restoration ecology, and conservation planning. Our lab is actively developing and testing theories at the intersection of these themes using moose (Alces alces), spruce budworm (Choristoneura fumiferana), Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), and boreal ecosystems as case studies. Our group integrates mathematical modelling, field experiments and observations, and big data synthesis. We are particularly interested in candidates that have or wish to develop quantitative skills in mathematical modelling, big data analysis, and spatial analysis (e.g., GIS). Please visit our lab website to learn more about our research (

A major strength of our lab lies in our diversity which includes BSc, MSc, PhD, and post-docs with varied interests and backgrounds. Research questions range from the impacts of animals on ecosystem elemental cycling to the drivers of the spatial distribution of terrestrial, freshwater and marine food webs and ecosystems. We work closely with diverse partners to use scientific evidence to inform environmental policy. Our lab fosters a supportive environment and values work-life balance. More broadly, Memorial hosts a diverse and engaging group of scientists studying ecology and evolution in the departments of Biology, Psychology, Geography, and Ocean Sciences. Departmental and inter-departmental events include regular discussions, workshops, and seminars from invited speakers. These intra-and inter-lab events encourage an important cross-fertilization of emerging ideas in ecology and evolution and exciting opportunities for collaboration.

Memorial is the largest university in Atlantic Canada with ~19,000 students (~3,200 graduate students). The Department of Biology at Memorial has ~25 faculty and ~60 graduate students. You can find out more about the department, graduate studies application procedures and funding at: The positions come with a guaranteed stipend.

We value equity, diversity, and inclusion and we encourage all interested applicants to apply. We will evaluate applications as we receive them until the positions are filled. Please email your application to Shawn Leroux (