CSEE Council Elections 2022

Do you want to advance the profile of ecology, evolution, and conservation in Canada? Do you want to get things done on behalf of the broader community? Do have ideas, energy and a little bit of time?  Then run for CSEE Council!

We are now seeking nominations for the positions of: Vice-President (who will serve 2 years as VP and then two years as President), Treasurer (3 year term), Regular Councillor (2 positions, 3 year terms) and Graduate Student Councillor (1 position, 2 year term).  You can read descriptions of what the jobs entail in our Standing Rules, available through this link: https://csee-scee.ca/constitution-2/ 

You may nominate yourself or a colleague (with their consent). Candidates, please write a short bio (7-10 lines) about you, what you will bring to the CSEE, and what you hope to accomplish. Send the bio along with a headshot to the CSEE Vice-President (jeannette(dot)whitton(at)botany.ubc.ca).

Nominations are accepted until June 15th, 2022 July 10th, 2022, with elections to take place in July. New council members will take up their positions following the 2022 AGM in August.