2015 Student Awards at Saskatoon

CSEE Talk 1st prize: Patrick Thompson – McGill, “Anatomy of the collapse and onset of recovery in the North Atlantic groundfish community.”

CSEE New Phytologist Prize: James Santangelo – University of Toronto, “Fungal endophytes of red fescue (Festuca rubra) increase host survival but reduce plant tolerance to simulated herbivory.”

CSEE Talk 2nd prize: Matthew Osmond – UBC, “Crossing fitness-valleys without the help of Mendel: extending theory.”

CSEE Talk 3rd prize – tie: Mallory Van Wyngaarden – Memorial University, “Population connectivity and environmental drivers of adaptation in the sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus.”

CSEE Talk 3rd prize – tie: Carly Graham – University of Regina, “How degraded is too degraded? The effects of DNA quality on RADSeq in molecular ecology.”


CSEE Poster 1st prize: Zoryana Shibel – University of New Brunswick, “Synergistic and additive effects of water stress and clipping on S. altissima and S.gigantea.”

CSEE Poster 2nd prize: Marion Sinclair-Waters – Dalhousie University, “Genomic tools for the management of a marine protected area in coastal Labrador: the Gilbert Bay Atlantic Cod MPA.”


Honorable mentions – Oral presentations

Clayton Lamb – University of Alberta, “Grizzly bear demography in a region of rich fruit resources and high human-caused mortality.”

Sean Naman – UBC, “Habitat structure and functional traits mediate emigration of stream invertebrates following high and low flow disturbances.”

Clément Rougeux – Université Laval, “Demographic divergence history of American whitefish species pairs inferred from genome-wide SNPs.”

Julia Shonfield – University of Alberta, “Do owls avoid industrial noise sources in northeastern Alberta?”

Cora Skaien – UBC, “Spatial Heterogeneity in Selection Pressure Exerted by Ungulate Herbivores on the Morphology and Life History of Plectritis congesta.”

Jess Vickruck – Brock University, “Population structure of the Eastern Carpenter bee (Xylocopa virginica) across eastern North America.”