Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence for Marine Bioacoustics

About the position

A fixed-term 100 % position is available at the University of Agder, Faculty of Engineering and Science as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence for Marine Bioacoustics, affiliated to the Department of Natural Sciences, for a period of 2.5 years, with the possibility for extension. The position is located, at the present, at Campus Grimstad, although flexibility will of course be given with respect to working remotely on a temporary basis. The starting date is as soon as possible or negotiable with the Faculty.

This position will be associated with the Centre for Coastal Research (CCR) at the Department of Natural Sciences and work in close cooperation with the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR) at the Department of Information and Communication Technology and the Mechatronics Priority Research Centre at the Department of Engineering Sciences. The CCR is a Priority Research Centre in cooperation with the University of Oslo, Institute of Marine Research (HI), GRID-Arendal, and the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), with researchers in behavioural and evolutionary ecology and the application of artificial intelligence to marine ecosystem monitoring. The CCR comprises more than 30 employees, including Professors, Professors II, Researchers, Post-docs, and PhD Fellows, with active national and international collaboration. CAIR is a Priority Research Centre comprising about 35 Professors, Post-docs, and PhD Fellows, with a focus on fundamental and applied artificial intelligence and machine learning research. CAIR has a particular competency in both explainable AI and deep neural networks and has numerous research collaborations both with industry and other research partners. The Mechatronics Priority Research Centre consists of about 40 professors, postdocs, and PhD students with 10 research themes, including expertise in signal processing, applied machine learning, industrial IT, and intelligent monitoring. Together, members of the three research centres make up the highly collaborative ‘ArtiFISHal Intelligence Group’, in which the applicant will participate.

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