Evolutionary Biology Meeting

24th Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles: September 20 – 23 2022  (social events 24-25) (If the travel conditions are the same as this year then we will organize a virtual meeting. We are working on this possibility to be sure that the EBM will continue.)

The Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles is an annual congress which gathers together International scientists interested in the mechanisms of evolution that generate the incredible diversity of living things found on Earth (and possibly beyond).

If the congress was initially a local meeting, it quickly gained an important weight in the scientific life. Indeed, whereas the number of participants has been increasing, the geographical origin of the researchers has been diversifying and widening year by year.

Today, the Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles has reached a worldwide dimension and plays a paramount role in the international scientific life: allowing the gathering of high level specialists, it encourages the exchange of ideas and stimulates the works of the researchers all through the world.

The following subjects will be discussed:

  • Evolutionary biology concepts and modeling;
  • Biodiversity and Systematics;
  • Comparative genomics and post-genomics (at all taxonomic levels);
  • Self non Self Evolution
  • Holobiome evolution
  • Environment and biological evolution;
  • Origin of life and exobiology;
  • Non-adaptative versus adaptative evolution;
  • The « minor » phyla: their usefulness in evolutionary biology knowledge;
  • Convergent evolution
  • Evolution of complex traits (Evo-Devo)

More info  follow the link  http://aeeb.fr/program-2/

For more information about this meeting, contact Don Stewart don.stewart@acadiau.ca or Pierre Pontarotti pierre.pontarotti@univ-amu.fr