CSEE support for regional conferences

Regional conferences

The Committee on Outreach and Regional Conferences advises the Executive and Council on issues regarding the promotion of public awareness in Ecology and Evolution in Canada. The Society will consider requests from members in good standing for financial support for regional Canadian conferences in ecology and evolution that meet the CSEE mandates for communication and promotion of ecology and evolution. Proposals from the organizers of such conferences are subject to the following general rules:

  1. Requests must come from a current member of the Society.
  2. Requests must include a statement on how the funds will be used and how the conference or activity meets the broad mandate of the CSEE.
  3. The amount of support allocated to a single conference will not exceed $500.
  4. The total amount of support allocated in a single financial year will not exceed $2000.
  5. The organizers must use the Society’s bilingual logo on all promotional material associated with the conference or activity.
  6. The organizers must promote (where applicable) membership in the CSEE.
  7. Deadlines for applications are 31 May and 31 October but will be considered at other times depending on demand.

 Award amount

The normal award amount is up to $500. There is no restriction on applying for support of a repeating event in multiple years, although preference may be given to first-time applications.

Proposal format

  • names of the main organizers
  • title of proposal
  • location of event
  • brief description of the activity,
  • expected participation and/or size of audience,
  • proposed date of activity
  • brief justification of the funding requested including if applicable other funding sources


There are two deadlines per year for submissions on 31 May and 31 October. However, applications will be considered at other times depending on demand.

Please email your proposals to Chris Eckert, chair of CSEE’s Outreach Committee.

Obligations associated with the award:

  • Award recipients will produce a summary report for CSEE within 4 weeks of the completed activity.
  • Recipients should make the CSEE’s support visible on all documents (e.g. CSEE logo on posters, flyers, slides) and advertising materials (e.g. website);
  • CSEE may post information about the conference activity on the CSEE website, in accordance with publication regulations and other policies;
  • The recipient of the funds must provide the CSEE President and Treasurer with a financial statement no later than 4 months after the activity on how the funds were used.  Any unused funds must be returned to the Society.

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to the chair of the committee, Chris Eckert.