BIOSCAN: Transforming Biodiversity Science – 20 postdoctoral fellowships, 5 graduate studentships

The International Barcode of Life Consortium (iBOL) is coordinating a series of research programs that will
register all multicellular species and activate a global biosurveillance system within 25 years. BIOSCAN, its
current program, is an 8-year, $180 million effort involving organizations in 40 nations. Its scientific work
focuses on three major themes – species discovery, interactions, and dynamics. This work will be advanced
by exploiting the latest developments in DNA sequencing, AI, data science, and machine learning. This
scientific work will support important applications designed to improve the sustainability of agriculture,
forestry, and mining. Furthermore, BIOSCAN aims to ensure its science influences society through policy
change. Further details are available at:
Because BIOSCAN’s activities are rapidly expanding in Canada and internationally, this is the perfect time
to join an enterprise that will transform our understanding of biodiversity and our capacity to manage it.

We seek 25 early career researchers (ECRs) to join us in leading Canada’s contribution to BIOSCAN.
• 20 postdoctoral fellows (2- or 3-year appointments).
• 5 graduate students (MSc/PhD level).

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