2016 Student awards from St. John’s

Student presentation awards

Oral presentation (tied first place):

Rebecca Batstone, University of Toronto – Root foraging and mutualism-stabilizing traits in the model legume Medicago truncatula

Kira Hoffman, University of Victoria – A human-driven and climate-influenced fire regime over the past seven centuries in a coastal temperate rainforest, British Columbia, Canada

Ruth Rivkin, University of Toronto Mississauga – The role of sexual system and latitude on insect herbivory rates in Sagittaria latifolia (Alismataceae)

New Phytologist Prize:

Kenneth Thompson, University of Toronto Mississauga – Urbanization drives parallel adaptive clines in plant populations

Poster presentation:

First place: Hayley Alloway, Memorial University – Physiological evidence for alternative reproductive strategies in men

Second place: Jesse Hoage, Laurentian University- Developing a metabarcoding strategy for soil mesofaunal communities to monitor the ecological impacts of intensified biomass harvesting in forestry

Diversity and excellence in graduate research (new in 2016!)

Stilianos Louca, University of British Columbia – The ecology of microbial metabolic pathways

Diana Rennison, University of British Columbia – Survival in a cutthroat world: Estimating natural selection on armor phenotypes and genotypes in threespine stickleback

Rachel Germain, University of Toronto – The spatial structure of metacommunities: a multiscale decoupling of distance and environment

Kyle Artelle, Simon Fraser University – Ecology of Conflict: Bear-human conflict in British Columbia, and the role of science in wildlife management

Krista Oke, McGill University – (Non) Parallel evolution in fishes: investigating potential drivers of non-parallelism in stickleback and salmon